The name Napier has been associated with engineering in Atlantic Canada since the late 1950’s, when Paul Napier and Jack Napier ran a successful engineering practice in Halifax. Today, the Napier name continues the tradition in engineering with Andrew Napier - Paul’s son, through Napier Engineering in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Andrew Napier P.Eng., founder and president of Napier Engineering, began his career in much the same way that his father did - at a drafting desk, scribing expertly guided plans adhering to well grounded and practical application of Engineering principals. The corporate identity of Napier Engineering is symbolic of those hand written drafting notes and pays respect to tradition and engineering principles that govern the profession.

With over 30 years of experience in consulting and mechanical equipment representation, Napier Engineering is the source for sound engineered solutions and mechanical equipment, and continues to serve Atlantic Canada in the same way the Napier name in engineering was founded.